Saturday, January 08, 2005

This, that, and the other t'ing

We are home from the basketball game (an afternoon game, not a morning game, as I previously thought). Surprisingly enough, it was not a knee-slapper. It was actually a pretty exciting game. We had a couple of little boys on our team who have skilz. These are 2nd-graders playing... and one little guy was getting nothin' but net from the outside. Totally amazed me. He's the shortest one on the team, and I think he made at least 1/2 of our baskets. I started calling him "Muggsy". (Gee, hope his dad didn't mind... He was sitting next to me.) I think I'm going to enjoy Saturday afternoons. "A tisket, a tasket; We want a basket!" I think I'll be able to leave the Depends at home.... Unless all that jumping up and down is too much for me.

Emily is still working on her layout. It is mostly done... just some tweaking to do on the comment code. I like the colors on her skin... purple is my favorite color. But for some reason, her site is really hard to read on her computer and hubby's laptop. Looks great on my computer, but very hard on the eyes on theirs. Emily is sitting here telling me it's only hard on my eyes. What does she know?

I found a new site this week that I am really enjoying. Her blog design is neat, and she is a riot to read. She's also up for a BoB award in the Mommy Blog category, so go vote for her. Oh, who is she?? It's none other than Very Mom. Go visit her and tell her I sent you.

Oh, finally... I can remember a funny kid thing when I'm sitting here. I was giving Halle a bath earlier this afternoon and she was examining her legs as she was in the tub.

H: I'm getting skin like Daddy's.

M: Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

H: Bad. I don't want hair.

M: Oh, you think your legs are getting hairy?

H: Yes, and I don't want hairy legs!!!

So, is 6 years old too young to shave??? Or maybe a little Nair?

And hey, I've evolved again!!! Now I'm a Crawly Amphibian!

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Anonymous said...

Aww! Thanks for the plug, I'm honored ;o)
Very Mom

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