Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The solution

Suzanne asked me to post my solution to the problem of switching to HaloScan/losing access to Blogger comments. I'll try to do that in a way that isn't totally confusing. Basically, I have a couple of sets of Comment Tags in my template. 1 set is for the HaloScan comments, and another is for the Blogger comments. I have it rigged so that the main page contains the links to HaloScan's popup comment system, and a separate link that takes you to the permalink for that post, where old comments can be read and new Blogger commenting can be posted. I tried to copy/paste the code here, but it was a total mess. Basically, I just copied Blogger's comment tags and pasted them in my template following the HaloScan tags. I did a bit of tweaking with the order of the link tag (like getting the number of old comments in the middle of the verbage of the link text). Overall, I am pleased with it. At least I have a way to see old comments now. I do wish HaloScan offered free email notification of comments. I have a feeling I will be checking my blog more frequently now (but not too frequently, hubby dear!).

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