Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Does this come in one piece?

Emily is going to a sleepover birthday party this weekend. The mom has reserved a hotel room for her daughter and a few friends; they'll swim, watch in-room movies, eat junk. One slight problem. My dear 13-year-old has outgrown last season's bathing suit. Yeah, that's right. And she doesn't wear "Girls" sizes any longer.

So we stop at Target on our way home from taekwondo class today. Our initial reason for going was to get her friend's present, but when she saw the bathing suits out, wanted to try some on. They had not one single one-piece bathing suit! All they had were bikinis and tankinis. I wound up letting her try a tankini.... but once I saw the top on her, I had to veto it. It was WAY too lowcut. What is up with that? I just can't believe the selection was so limited.

So now we have until Saturday to find a bathing suit. She wants one now (like she wants everything). We just have to find time in between other commitments (my WW meeting, ladies' prayer group, kids' evening taekwondo) to go out and look.

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