Friday, January 28, 2005

The search is over

Found a bathing suit! Thumper, we did not make it to Sam's to look at Speedo's. I don't think the suits there would fit, anyhow... she is in that in-between stage; adult suits are too big, but the 7-14 sizes in the girls' departments are too small. I would have gone to Kohl's, but with our schedule the way it is this week, it would have meant taking all 4 kids again.... and they get really bored at Kohl's. So we wound up just down the street a ways at Gordmans. Again, the selection was iffy, but we found something I could live with that she fell in love with. (I just reread that and realized it makes it seem like I didn't really like the suit. I do. It's very cute. I guess it is just not what I would pick for a 13yo if I had more choices.) I didn't like the $40 price tag, but Emily offered to split the cost with me (somehow it seems like I'm still paying for it though... considering all her money comes from her father and me). We did wind up with a tankini. But the top still covers her stomach when she raises her arms over her head. So it passed the tummy test. I just hope it passes the water test this weekend.

I'm getting ready to do more scrapbooking this afternoon. My friend Kami, who is a Creative Memories consultant, is coming over to work with me. She's also staying for dinner and is going to give Emily a ride to Bible Bowl practice on her way home. This will save me a 50-minute round trip ride out there and back to drop her off, plus the one to go pick her up. Kami's 3yo daughter Kadie will also be here. She'll be good company for Halle and Joel. I might have a couple of other friends come by to scrap as well. This could be a real fun afternoon!

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