Monday, January 17, 2005

Long days

We are entering the season of long Sundays for me. I mentioned in my previous post about Leadership Training for Christ, which my 2 oldest are involved in. As we prepare for the convention on Easter weekend, we will be spending most Sunday afternoons rehearsing chorus, drama, and puppet skits... plus practicing for Bible Bowl. Yesterday we went to early service at church (begins at 8:15). That was followed by Sunday School (9:40-10:30). During 2nd service, my daughter and 5 other girls worked on a banner (for the LTC convention). I helped get lunch for the LTC kids started in the kitchen. After second service (noonish), the kids came in and ate lunch. Then began the various practices. That lasted until 4pm. Now I am not the only person who is spending that much time on this... there are several other couples who are involved. But it is draining. Or at least it is this year. I don't remember it feeling like this last year.

Yesterday we didn't come straight home afterwards. We had to run by Linens 'N Things to take back a shower curtain and stuff. We're redoing the kids' bathroom after the new paint job. Took us two more stops (Kohl's, SuperTarget) to find something we could all agree on. It was nearly 7 before we got home. We still had to eat dinner (my dear sweet hubby made spaghetti and garlic bread). Noah had 2 boys coming over to spend the night. They played up here on the GameCube for a while, then headed downstairs where the PlayStation resides and took down a stash of movies as well. Emily and her dad went to Blockbuster and picked up some movies. I started to watch Napoleon Dynamite with them, but was just too tired, so I wound up upstairs in bed by 9:30/10 and fell asleep very quickly. I had the whole (king-size) bed to myself all night.... everyone else camped out in the family room (except the boys... they had the basement all to themselves).

This morning I am going to make some cinnamon streusel muffins or bread for the kids to eat for breakfast. I'd better get started on that.

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