Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Feels like starting over

The painters are gone....... now begins the task of putting everything back where it belongs. Kym has asked for before and afters; I'm not sure what I have in the way of befores (probably nothing), but once the house is back in order (maybe later this weekend), I'll try to take some pictures and post them. It will probably take longer than usual to put things back because we'll be decluttering and organizing, tossing and storing..... to help get the house in showing condition.

So while the painters were here, the kids and I hung out in the basement. We cleaned it and cleaned out the small room that was to be my craft room (wound up being a junk room), then the 2 youngest and I spent some time working on a 400-pc. Noah's Ark jigsaw puzzle I got for Christmas. We are nearly done with it. Emily and Noah played GameCube most of the day..... with a smattering of schoolwork thrown in. We still haven't gotten back into a regular routine yet. I am hoping by next week we will be. I've got to pull out my catalogs and bookmarks/favorites and order them more materials, as they are running out.

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