Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm just sensitive

I just finished entering the last recipe for the fundraising cookbook and am ready to fill out the order forms. Before that, I folded all those ginormous baskets of laundry that were in my family room. I have put away the basketful of clothes that belonged in my closet, Emily has put away all hers as well (at least she says she did... I had better not discover differently). The boys' clothes are still in the basket and will go upstairs shortly. So I am rewarding myself with a couple of minutes here to blog. But I digress before I begin.... Whilst I was folding said mountains of laundry, I watched our new copy of 13 Going on 30. That is such a cute movie. And being the sappy sentimalist I am, I was in tears during the scene in which Jenna goes back to her childhood home. These weren't little misty things... these were real tears. I'm not sure what evoked such a response from me. I do tend to react emotionally to movies; Emily thinks I cry way too much (she never cries). I don't know if I was thinking of my own adolescence, living at home with no responsibilities, or if I was just that tuned in to Jenna's character. But I was really feeling that sad helpless feeling. Guess that means someone did their job, whether it was Jennifer Garner, the director, or the writer.. Anyone else out there a big bawlbag when they watch a movie?

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