Sunday, January 23, 2005


Halle lost her first tooth tonight. We didn't even know it was loose until about 20-30 minutes before she wiggled it loose! As you can see, she's quite pleased.

What a difference between Halle's reaction to her first loose tooth and her older sister's! Emily was very squeamish about her first one... she didn't want to wiggle it and she didn't want anyone else messing with it. Once Halle found out this one was loose, she set to work on it with a vengeance. Success was not far off.

And now the tooth right next to that one is loose as well. Guess the tooth fairy will be busy here this week!

Edited/Updated to add: Emily says my memory is faulty (wouldn't be the first time). She says she lost her first tooth eating popcorn and almost swallowed it. The episode I am thinking about was her 3rd tooth. What a bad mommy. I stand corrected. However, I still stand by my assessment of the differences between my 2 daughters.

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