Friday, January 07, 2005

I'm a Flippery Fish!

So I finally finished reading through my BlogRoll this morning (and added a few new sites while at it).... and thought I'd check my status in the Blogosphere Ecosystem. I have risen from Insignificant Microbe to Flippery Fish. What that does for a gal's self esteem....

We finally got the Christmas decorations down last night. Took the better part of an hour and a half to get the decorations off the tree and into their individual Hallmark boxes. We discovered we could use a few more of those red and green Rubbermaid totes. I wonder if anyone still has some left?

Last night was Noah's first basketball team practice at the Y. Hubby and a neighbor/church friend are coaching the team, which includes Noah's best friend (son of said neighbor/church friend). I would have liked to have seen this practice. Their first game is Saturday morning. I imagine I may need some extra-absorbent pantyliners to watch this game. It is bound to be amusing. Please don't think me to be a mean mommy... I'm just realistic! I'm sure it will be loads of fun for everyone.

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