Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finding the I in iPod

Saw this very fun meme at Shalee's and just had to give it a try!

Here are the instructions:

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

Q: What does next year have in store for you?
A: Go Tell, artist unknown

Q: What does your love life look like next year?
A: Love the Lord, Lincoln Brewster

Q: What do you say when life gets hard?
A: Mystery, Phil Wickham

Q: Song that reminds you of good times?
A: Awesome God, Keith Lancaster

Q: What do you think when you get up in the morning?
A: Anyway, Martina McBride

Q: What song will you dance to at your wedding?
A: Sea of Faces, Kutless

Q: Song that reminds you of your first kiss?
A: Open My Heart, Keith Lancaster

Q: Your favorite saying?
A: Sing to the King, Zoe Group

Q: Favorite place?
A: Wish, Won by One

Q: Most Missed Memory?
A: You Cannot Lose My Love, Sara Groves

Q: What song describes your best friend?
A: I Will Lift My Eyes, Bebo Norman

Q: What song describes your ex?
A: He's Always Been Faithful, Sara Groves (trying to figure this one out)

Q: Where would you go on a first date?
A: I Wish It Would Rain, Nanci Griffith

Q: Drug of choice?
A: A New Anointing, Zoe Group

Q: What song describes yourself?
A: Time Has Come, Mercy Me

Q: What is the thing you like doing most?
A: We Trust in the Name of the Lord, Keith Lancaster

Q: The song that best describes the president?
A: Once in a Very Blue Moon, Nanci Griffith

Q: Where will you be in 10 years?
A: How Could I Ever Know? Secret Garden Original Cast (What an appropriate answer.)

Q: Your love life right now?
A: The Line Between the Two, Mark Harris

Q: What is your state of mind like at the moment?
A: When the Spirit of the Lord, Fred Hammond

Q: How will you die?
A: Worthy is the Lamb, Zoe Group

My answers weren't as neat as hers, but still a fun thing to try.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The sounds of silence

Thanks to all who left comments or emailed regarding my absence here. Lots of busy-ness and chaos (as usual) and just plain ol' not-in-the-mood-to-write-another-boring-blog-post stuff going on in the last month or so. But I will try to rectify that.

In the meantime, the rarest of rare happenings is going on right this very instant: I am the only human being in this house. Brian has the day off in preparation for a TDY to Tucson which begins tomorrow, and he has taken the 3 children for their twice-yearly teeth cleaning appointments this morning. I have folded and put away a couple of loads of laundry and have more in the wash. I am fighting the urge to be lazy and put on a movie... I will probably straighten bookshelves or something like that when I finish up here.

As far as news, here are the bullets:

  • I am now the parent of a 16yo and 12yo. Emily and Noah both had birthdays at the end of last year.
  • Emily has a small part in her school's production of Annie which will take place in early May.
  • 1st semester grades were released recently and she had a 3.75... We are both pretty pleased with that.
  • We've hired a dog trainer to help us work with the dogs. WOW. Really good stuff. We are seeing some great things, one of which is being able to eat dinner without asking Rory to stop trying to stick her nose in our plates. We are also discovering just how smart she really is, and how stubborn Campbell is.
  • Halle got her palate expander off last week.
  • Noah and Joel are both signing up for baseball here on base this spring. Joel's will be coach-pitch and will be his first time playing. Noah hasn't played since spring 2006.
  • After almost an entire week of rain, the sun is shining today. We might make it to almost 60 degrees today.... which could be really nice if the wind isn't blowing (then it will still feel like 30 out).
Seems like there should be more to tell, but as usual, my sieve-like memory isn't retrieving anything else.

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