Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The snark emerges

I try not to be snarky in public. But the time has come. I know I mentioned several posts ago about the cookbook I am helping to publish to benefit a local non-profit adoption and counseling agency. We are nearing the date I want to submit the book for publication and are very close to our goal number of recipes. To date, we have amassed 183 recipes.... all typed by my own hot little hands. Here's where the snarky comes in: I am supposed to be the "Chief," not the "Indian," in this project. I asked someone else in our organization to head it up, saying I was trying to avoid micromanaging the task. She agreed, saying that as president of our group, I should be delegating. So how in the name of all that is holy did *I* end up being the one doing all the work?? Not that I haven't enjoyed it. But I wouldn't mind a little help. She picked up some recipes from our submission box the other night... a grand total of 5... and then told me she didn't have time to type them in. But somehow she had time to type them in an email to me and send them to me to type in! Makes no sense, does it? She is retired, no children at home. I have 4 kids at home... kids which have been quite ignored while I sat here typing in recipes, deciphering bad handwriting, and making note of which recipes I will be trying. I don't have the time to do this, either. But I make it. I think I will be very glad when my term is up.

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