Tuesday, January 25, 2005

It's only Tuesday?

Sheesh. It really feels like it should be at least Thursday.

I had lunch with friends today... we're all ladies from the same church who try to get together at least once a month to celebrate each other's birthdays (or is that others' birthdays?? Oh well.. I'm not looking it up. Read it with whatever version you deem correct.) As we conversed of vacations, kids, schedules, etc., I looked around the table and found myself getting all misty-eyed at the thought that I would no longer have these women in my life 4 1/2 months from now. At least not physically in my life. Those thoughts continued with me as I drove home as well. I confess my eyes did more than mist on that drive.

I am no stranger to goodbyes. We left our last home almost 2 years ago. That was a heart-wrenching move. We have good friends back there in Ohio whom I haven't seen in months. These friends will always be good friends, regardless of how often we talk. They don't check their email, so we don't converse as often as I'd like. But when we do get on the phone, it is almost as if nothing has changed. However, my new friends are all email-savvy. We are more likely right now to send each other emails rather than call, unless there is an urgent need/request. I am determined to keep in touch with these gals. They are the kind of women who will try to come visit us after we get to California. I think I will need that.

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