Friday, December 03, 2004

Spending dough

So my husband and I go out for a couple of hours today, just the 2 of us. (I love having a 13yo who can watch the younger kids!) We went to Sam's.... managed to get a couple of Christmas presents there, as well as other stuff. My husband found the Mickey phone he has *always* wanted, so rather than risk it not being there later, I said, "Merry Christmas," as he put it into our cart.

The real deals of the day came when we stopped into Office Depot on our way home. We were looking for an office chair for the kids to use at their computer. We walked in the door and right smack dab in the front of the store was a very nice leather task chair... last one of its kind. Marked down to $19.04!!!!! Oh, and they were throwing in the floor mat under it as well. Turns out they had just put it out 5 minutes before we walked in. The assistant manager said the original price on the chair back when they were doing their back-to-school sales was $99. Not a bad discount, eh?? The other find was a nice lamp for our bedside table. Once again, the particular item I wanted happened to be the last one, the display model. They marked it a couple of bucks down from the original $19.99 to $17.97. I am happy. Now we have a bedside lamp that 1) is not Mickey Mouse and 2) doesn't have a short in it.

All is well with the world.


Mamacita said...

My bedside lamp is held together with duct tape. And should I mention that it sits in a partially opened drawer because I have no bedside table? Or would that be just TOO pitiful. . . . .

Anonymous said...

So hubs gets a Mickey Mouse phone and you get to *not* have a Mickey Mouse lamp. Hm, I think I know who the Disney fan in your house is!

- Mellie Helen (massive Disney fan)

Karen said...

Well actually, we are pretty equal Disney fans. It's just that this particular lamp isn't well suited for a bedroom (cheap plastic desk lamp with a flexible neck). Add to that the fact that it had a short and a melted spot where someone put in a lightbulb that was too many watts.... It needed to go.

Anonymous said...

Dropping by to say Happy Holidays! Great blog!


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