Thursday, December 23, 2004

If I never see another roll of wrapping paper

it will be too soon! I just spent almost 3 hours wrapping the kids' presents to put under the tree tomorrow night. I stopped counting at 24; I think there were around 30 or so. That doesn't count what we wrapped on Sunday. We got several things that were combination gifts (for all the kids or for the whole family). There are just a few more things out in hubby's truck that need to be wrapped. (I think I'll let him do it.)

Oh, and don't believe anyone when they say all wrapping paper is created equal. I could definitely tell a difference between the Hallmark paper and the Target paper. The Target paper did not cut as neatly and tore much more easily. I love hitting the after Christmas sales at Hallmark to get pretty paper!


Mrs. Darling said...

You know I've wondered about that paper difference. I tried to tell msyelf that one was just old. Now I think you nay be right. It was where I bought it!

Thumper said...

Since I'm a horrible wrapper, I can't tell the difference. As long as it's bright and shiny and sparkles under the tree, I'll buy it. But shiny is the key, as I'm attracted to bright things ;)

Since we've always put things under the tree ahead of time, I just wrap as I buy...I'm sure I spent a lot of time wrapping (and with only one kid and the Spouse Thingy you'd think it wouldn't be very much) but 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there doesn't feel too bad.

But shiny... yes...shiny... :)

Torlla said...

Lots of Christmas presents? For the past 5 years or so we have had that problem under control. Though presents are bought for all members of the immediate family not so for extended families. Each adult in our extended families is drawn to buy a present for only one other adult in another extended family. And a $# limit is placed on all purchases. Children are not involved in this restriction and they seem to get presents from everybody, including Father Christmas! We are expecting about 16 for our Christmas tree and one rubbish bag will easily cater fot the used wrappers. Bet you can't find my Blog! Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

The presents I wrapped today were for my 4 kids and the "family" presents from Santa. My extended family is too large to buy for. Heaven help us if we tried to do that!

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