Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Random thoughts

I have a cool idea.... I'd love to see cable television go to an a la carte system. You know, 20 channels for $20, or something like that. I am sick of the "levels" and "packages" the companies offer. We don't watch half of them! No ESPN, none of the home shopping networks, no "all sports all the time" channels... Seriously, we'd probably get a few superstations (TBS, maybe WGN... hmm, I wonder if there is another one in CA, since that is where we're headed in 6 months??), maybe some educational stuff (History Channel, Noggin), TLC (I love Trading Spaces and While You Were Out), HGTV, Disney Channel.... I dunno what else... but we wouldn't have 100 channels of total CRAP flowing into our television set. Right now we don't have cable... and the basement tv is the only one with any kind of antenna on it. It can pick up 3 or 4 channels... and not all of them very well. I think WB is the one that comes in the clearest. Anyhow, we got rid of our cable because the kids were just addicted to it. They spent every free moment they had in front of the tv and we got tired of competing with it. I hate that. So I lost my one evening of Trading Spaces in order to save my kids' brains. I sure hope it's worth it.


Ruby Bean said...

I have also thought about cutting out the cable in our house, but then we end up paying more total for our cable internet so unfortunately it doesn't work out. Hopefully I can start trying to cut the kids back from watching TV because in Germany there are only about 4 channel's to watch, so they're in for a shock. Thanks for stopping by!

Ruby Bean said...

Blogger keeps eating my comments UGGHHH!! Anyway I agree I think cable is way too expensive, we would cut ours but then we would pay more just for our cable internet so it doesn't work out. Thanks for stopping by!

Marinade Dave said...

I didn't know how to get in touch with you. Thanks for the comment on the Thanksgiving menu. Glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to steal it. I should have a different one for Thanksgiving 2005 you can download.

I agree. There are a lot of cable channels I don't watch, but I don't think this system will ever change.

My brother is a captain in the USAF. He is going to Iraq this month. Wish him well. I sure hope your husband doesn't have to go there.

Susan L. Prince said...

I'm surprised cable hasn't gone that way yet.

I don't even have cable. I choose not to and I really haven't watched tv since 1999! and I live to tell about it! LOL

We get one local station with the antennae for the news and I'm not even good about that since I catch it all online anyway.

I do have to say if cable went a la carte, I'd consider a package of the History Channel, Discovery, A&E and since I'm out of the loop on so much, I'd have to look into any other stations that might fit my "mold".

Nice blog here!

heidi said...

I've been proposing that for a long time. Why nobody listens is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Customizing our television stations would be the best. It would not only spare us from surfing through over a hundred channels to find the same show every week that we like, it would give us better control over what our kids can watch. They can't grow up and outsmart a parental control you have no need for. You simply don't order that station.

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