Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Do I really need a title?

Obviously things have been busy around here, since I didn't get a chance to post since Saturday. We had a pizza and game night Sunday night. There were 3 other couples from church here and we ended up playing games till shortly after 11.... kinda late considering some of the adults had to go to work in the morning! We played a new card game called Man Bites Dog, in which you are dealt 5 word cards with which you must make a newspaper headline. It's a quick-playing game that has some hilarious results. Then we moved on to Trivial Pursuit 90s Time Capsule Edition. That took a while.... but it was fun. My online addiction came in quite handy on several of the questions! We followed that up with a rousing game of Pictionary. Boy, we hadn't played that in forever!
Yesterday we wound up sleeping in a bit and then heading out for a little shopping in the afternoon. Hubs decided to get the kids a new computer. We had just enough time to get it home and get the kids changed for their taekwondo classes. Then we played games (Scene It and various GameCube games) for the rest of the evening, so we didn't get the computer set up yet. I suppose we'll get to that this morning. I think he and I will have to head out to look for some birthday stuff for Emily and Noah as well.
Not sure what today will bring, other than laundry and setting up the computer. (And shopping for birthday presents.) That certainly seems like enough!

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Thumper said...

Hey, game night sounds like a lot of fun. I think that's what I miss most about WPAFB--we did alot of stuff like that with the neighbors, games or even just sitting out on the front lawn hanging out all day and night.

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