Thursday, December 02, 2004

Clothes shopping with a 13-year-old

can be torture. I met hubby and the kids at Kohl's to shop for the 2 oldest tonight. They have a choir concert tomorrow night and my son Noah (9 in 28 days) has outgrown most of his nice stuff. My daughter Emily (13 in 28 days) says she doesn't have anything to wear, either. I am in Kohl's almost an hour and a half with her. I want to scream. (I don't.) I want to tell her that I will pick something out and she will wear it and like it. (I don't do that either.) We finally settle on a red blouse with some sparkly red beads on the front to go with a black skirt she has at home. And I talked her into an awesome chenille sweater that I would kill to find in my size. I haven't even looked at what hubs bought Noah. I know he got 2-3 pairs of pants (I did see some gorgeous green corduroys... I love corduroy in the fall and winter!) and a couple of turtlenecks. I would like to have gotten him some button-down shirts, but by the time I finished with Emily, hubs was ready to leave. Maybe some other time.

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