Thursday, December 09, 2004

Late night cleaning

I just finished up cleaning the kitchen and family room... all that is left to do in those rooms is sweep/mop (kitchen) and vacuum (family room). We'll have to pick up and vacuum this room as well, along with making sure the basement is in some kind of order. Tomorrow afternoon I am having my ladies' prayer group here for our weekly/biweekly meeting, plus I am having a Southern Living at Home party in the evening. I have to figure out what kind of goodies I am going to make for that and then decide whether I have time to make them right before the party or if I need to get them done earlier in the day. I've got Weight Watchers from 10-11, then ladies' group from 12:30-3, then Halle and Joel have taekwondo from 6-6:30. I'll be rushing back here for the party at 7. Brian and Noah will be leaving between 6 and 6:30 for Cub Scouts. Obviously, tomorrow will be rather insane.

So the kids will have their chores tomorrow.... Emily will be mopping the kitchen, Noah will be vacuuming, and the younger 2 will help pick up and put away things. The oldest two will also be cleaning the kids' bathroom. I'll be cleaning the main floor bathroom and taking care of laundry, plus cooking.

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