Thursday, December 23, 2004

Could it be??

This has to be the first Christmas in which we will not be madly wrapping presents after midnight on Christmas Eve. The hubs and I ran out for a couple of hours this evening to get the last of the stocking stuffers for the kids (plus a doll for my 6yo.... who lost the doll for which we had purchased a bunch of accessories for Christmas). He says he needs to run out in the a.m. to get me some stocking stuffers (should I give him some suggestions??). I will probably run out as well... I need to get him some chocolate-covered cherries or cherry cordials... it is kind of a traditional gift I give him each year. I need a couple of things for his stocking as well. I only have one thing in it right now. I'll probably grab him a CD or 2 for it.

So tomorrow could be the most relaxing Christmas Eve we've ever had. Unless I just jinxed it by saying that. We do need to decide what we are taking to the Christmas Eve soiree we are going to tomorrow evening. Hmmm, time to pull out the recipe books!


Clarissa said...

Would you believe I got all of our shopping done in a week and a half? Wrapping, too. It was a blast! (Had to wait until the money was there to spend, that's why I waited so long.) The kids counted over 40 presents. And now we're out of town and someone else is doing the cooking! Yay!
Merry Christmas to you.

Heather said...

Awesome! Have a wonderully relaxing Christmas, playing Gold miner! *LOL*

Mrs. Darling said...

Ah you're ahead of me. I still have gifts to wrap and cookies to bake!

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