Sunday, December 05, 2004

Odds and ends

The mouse is still on the loose. Campbell seems to think he hears/smells it occasionally. I did discover that the mouse has been in the bread drawer. I ended up emptying it out and leaving a glue trap in it. I am hearing from friends/neighbors that it has taken them up to 3 weeks to find and get rid of the pesky little things once they discovered them.

I'm switching to We've been using Netflix for a couple of years now, but Blockbuster has come up with a better deal. Not only are they 50 cents cheaper than Netflix, but each month will give us 2 free movie or game rentals from the local store. I think that's a pretty sweet deal.


Barefoot Principessa said...

Plus, right now don't you get a certificate for a free dvd when you sign up?

My one warning to you is that, unlike Netflix, Blockbuster often has "short wait" by ones you want... so if you're impatient, you might be a little frustrated.

Karen said...

Most of the stuff on my list is available now. There are a couple with a wait, but I generally have enough of a list that I'm not left waiting for anything.

And yes, they have the free DVD offer. They gave me an e-coupon to pick up The Bourne Supremacy in-store.

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