Monday, December 13, 2004

Life in the fast lane

OK, not really.... I know my life is probably a lot more boring than most others', but when I feel like I have a neverending list of places to go or things to accomplish, I feel worn out before I even start! This week's list of things/places:


  1. Get kids up, fed, and doing schoolwork.
  2. Go to Sam's Club to pick up holiday cards. (More about this later)
  3. Laundry.... carloads of it.
  4. Taekwondo classes
  5. Plan/fix dinner

Rest of the week:

  1. Holiday Lights viewing with women's group from church.
  2. Holiday Brunch with above-mentioned group earlier that same day.
  3. Cub Scout Christmas party/potluck/gift exchange.
  4. Bowling league for Noah and Halle Wed. afternoon.
  5. Wednesday night Bible Study.
  6. Thursday afternoon ladies' prayer/accountability group.
  7. Youth group holiday party Sat. night.

Well, I suppose it isn't as much as it seemed once I got it written down. But it's enough...

Now, back to the Sam's Club thing... I ordered Christmas cards online Saturday afternoon before we left to take the kids to see Santa. I was in a rush... we were trying to get out the door. So I didn't notice until it was too late that the cards were going to be sent here instead of being made/held at the local club for me to pick them up. I jot down the service number to Sam's and call from the cell phone on the way to the mall. I explained the predicament and was told they would cancel that order so I could place a new one later when I got home. Once we got back, I placed the new order (and realized why I made the earlier mistake.... on one of the order pages, right next to my name, it said, "Pick up in store," which led me to believe that was the option it was set to...... especially since I had previously placed a similar order. Anyhow, nope.. you had to click on that to change it to in-store pickup. sigh). Sunday morning, I received notification that the original order had shipped. I do not want to pay for 2 orders... I don't think I really need 100 photo Christmas cards. I emailed customer service immediately (no phone customer service on Sundays) and am waiting to hear back. I may call them today as well.

Doncha hate it when stuff like that happens?

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