Monday, December 06, 2004


You ever have a day where you feel like you did nothing productive??? Today was definitely one of those days. I honestly did so very little it is sad. Other than folding a huge basket of kids' clothes and washing a large basket of clothes from my bedroom, nothing got done around the house. I played Crash Bandicoot with Joel, Uno with Brian and Halle... took the kids to taekwondo... and that is about it. How sad. Tomorrow will have to be better! I cannot let the kids sleep in while I surf BlogExplosion. We must have school in the morning. And the house has to be picked up and the laundry put away.

I am meeting friends for lunch tomorrow and then stopping by the church building to pick up materials for the cookbook our adoption agency auxiliary is putting together. We have just begun collecting recipes and need to start deciding the details, like cover design, divider pages, layout, etc. We're very excited about this fundraising project. The cookbooks put out by this company (Morris Press) are very nice. I am also excited because it will be a great memory of the 2 years we will have lived here after we move to California.

How come I think of scads of hilarious and witty things when I am not sitting here at the keyboard, but once I sit down to type, everything I say is so boring??? sigh....

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Mellie Helen said...

Two things...

1. OUCH. Oy, you got me on that B.E.-ing while the kids are "occupied" (read "watching a video") when they should be getting their homeschooling done. I'm much much better about this since I've thankfully passed on my BE addiction, but I still like to read and comment on blogs in the morning, and I always spend longer doing that than I mean to. I'll take your post as a Word to me.

2. So you did go the glue trap route, eh? I just can't make myself do it. Not out of "humane" concerns, as much as out of "I will vomit if I have to get anywhere near the mouse" concerns. The exterminators (who arrive tomorrow) will come every other day to, er, dispose of any captures. But your commenter who said they miss 90% of the entrances has left me feeling quite anxious and depressed. Wish me luck (good luck for me; bad for mousie).

- Mellie Helen

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