Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Santa has Parkinson's

There's a story behind this little guy.... One of my friends is getting ready to move away from here. She was relating the story of how she happened to be flipping channels one evening and came across this Santa lamp. Now, this isn't just any ol' Santa lamp! It's a Tiffany-style bobble-head lamp!! The poor girl was nearly in tears, she was laughing so hard, trying to describe this to those of us who hadn't seen it. Of course, me being from Missouri (really, I truly am), I had to rush to the QVC website later that night and see if I could find this wonder of wonders. Once I did, I knew right away that this little man belonged with her. I set about ordering him for her, enlisting the support of a few of the other ladies who were present the night she told me about him.

Today, Bobble-head Santa met his new owner. It was a riotous reunion, complete with squeals and peals of laughter. We have ensured that Kami will never forget those weird ladies from Omaha.

Want your own Bobble-head Santa? or Snowman?

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