Friday, February 18, 2005

Smell that?

If you do, you might be smelling the fried rice I'm cooking right now...

Or maybe it's the scent of a freshly detailed SUV ...

Or it's that sweet smell of success, as I cross off #4 on my list. OK, I can't really cross it off, because I only found *1* Rubbermaid container at WalMart earlier tonight. Someone else must have had the same idea I did, because the Rubbermaid totes were nearly nonexistent! They had some cheaper off-brand tubs, but I didn't like them and they just didn't seem as well-made as the Rubbermaid ones. So I'll have to head somewhere else later tonight or tomorrow night.

Brian talked to a real estate attorney today (we are going to do a FSBO); he says we need to get our house on the market as soon as possible.... houses in our neighborhood are taking 60-90 days to sell. We have a little over 90 days left here. So the appraiser is coming Monday afternoon. We are under the gun to get Halle's room and the basement painted so we can get our carpet installed. THEN we can list the house. This is all happening so fast!

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