Monday, February 21, 2005

First things first

Seems like forever since I've sat down here to write, but it's only been 2 nights. We had another one of those all-day Sundays, where we are at the building from 8-5. It will pretty much be like that until Easter, then we'll have a slightly more normal life. After we got home last night, I worked on laundry while Brian painted Halle's bedroom.

Today I did MORE laundry, cleaned the kitchen, decluttered the cubbyholes over the kitchen desk, reorganized the DVDs, organized the closet in the schoolroom (used 3 new Rubbermaid tubs!) made dinner (chicken tetrazzini), took the kids to taekwondo, put Halle's room back together, and helped Brian paint our walk-in closet. He painted Emily's walk-in while the kids and I were at taekwondo. (Oh, Emily got her green belt - decided - tonight.)

We canceled the appraiser visit and rescheduled it for Thursday. We just felt there was too much to do and didn't want to go crazy trying to do it all. Tomorrow we are having new vinyl installed in the kids' bathroom; Wednesday the new carpet is being installed on the first and second floors. We're holding off on the basement carpet until after we get it painted. Also on the agenda for tomorrow is a meeting with a real estate attorney to make plans for the sale of the house.

No stress in this house... no sirree...

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