Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'd probably freeze to death

From The Daily Susan:


One of my favorite commentators, Britain’s Mark Steyn, recently reported on Richard Kral, a Slovak gent. He was driving in some European mountain range when all of a sudden, his car was hit by an avalanche.

He frantically tried to dig his way out, but saw that the snow was sure to stay ahead of him.

He glanced the large quantity of beer that he happened to have in the car because he was off on holiday: 60 half-litres. Eureka! A survival strategy popped into his head.

He made like an American college student, and drank mass quantities of the beer. A short while later, he did what comes naturally when one has consumed mass quantities of beer. It melted a little snow. He drank some more. The natural consequence melted some more.

He drank and natural-consequenced his way all the way out of the snow pile, to life-giving air above.

He says his kidneys and liver hurt. But it’s better to be alive and royally P.O.’ed than not alive at all.

Given my distaste for beer, I reckon I'd have probably frozen to death.

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Anonymous said...

P.O.'ed, indeed. *guffaw!* 

Posted by Mellie Helen

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