Friday, February 25, 2005

Making plans and setting deadlines

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that my husband's goal is to have the For Sale sign in the yard by Friday. The painter is coming to paint the basement on Tuesday; we are going to try to schedule the carpet installation for that part of the house for Thursday. Meanwhile we'll be moving some stuff into storage, cleaning out the garage, and fixing up the access holes in the storage area over the garage (these are places the drywall needs to be replaced where it was cut/removed to add wiring, lights, and a/c ducts). Oh, I'll be cleaning out the boys' room as well, making it a little more showable.... including putting new bifold doors on their closet. Hopefully we can do all this without running ourselves ragged.

Tomorrow we have a basketball game at 12:30 and a Mary Kay party at 2 (that's just for Em and me). Emily is bringing a friend home with her to spend the night. Somewhere in our at home time I have to get laundry done. We'll probably be boxing up books and stuff as well. Doesn't it all sound like fun???

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Thumper said...

You're just confirming for me that I don't want to buy a house until we're in the very last place we want to live... It all sounds like so much WORK.

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