Sunday, February 06, 2005

He's back

Brian got home about 5 minutes before I did; he was unloading his truck when I pulled up. The kids were more than excited to see him and barely waited for me to get the car in park before running out to greet him. So now he is downstairs watching the Super Bowl with them... a total first in this house. We've NEVER watched football, but Noah's best friend's family are all into football (the mom's dad was a high school coach), and they have him totally hooked. So now we figure we should try to enjoy it with him. (BLECH.) I was hoping to get a really nice dinner out tonight, since I figure the restaurants shouldn't be busy. Don't think that's happening. I'll have to scrounge up something here.

Anyone else out there just not into this whole football thing??? Wanna come over and do something else fun?


Anonymous said...

The only reason we had a superbowl party once was because we had the big screen TV. My husband ended up in the back room with all the wives talking! Tonight I am watching Prodigy kids on CBS and thanking God my children are not smarter than me...yet. 

Posted by Becky

Anonymous said...

The Spouse Thingy was totally not into it this year. We went to a car show up in Sacramento and then stopped for an early dinner...I think he's got the game on now, but it's more like background noise while he plays his computer game.

I usually watch the Super Bowl, but only for the commercials. I didn't even feel like doing that this year... 

Posted by Thumper

Anonymous said...

I'm not into football. Wanna bake some cookies? 

Posted by rory

Anonymous said...

I think for the first half I watched the commercials. Second half- we segregated and sat in the kitchen talking. That was fun. 

Posted by Nettie

Anonymous said...

I am totally not into football, but I love the food that goes with it. 

Posted by Darlene

Anonymous said...

Not into football either...but I am in the junk food eating that goes along with watching it. ;) 

Posted by Kym

Anonymous said...

I watched The American President instead of the Super Bowl. A good chick flick and my fluffy comforter will trump a football game any day! 

Posted by Elle

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