Monday, February 14, 2005

It's always something

I had an email from a reader earlier today telling me that my comments weren't working. No clue what was up with that; best I can figure is that Blogger's new commenting system didn't like the comment tags in my template. So I had to spend some time redoing my template to make it work again. My comment footer is a little redundant, but at least it does what I want now.

I spent an hour or so today transcribing some music to use for our Leadership Training for Christ chorus. The guy who is directing the chorus doesn't read music (other than shape notes), so needed me to get all the music (4 part harmony) on paper for the kids. I have a rough copy done; just need to get it put down all nicey-nice.

Dinner turned out well. Brian didn't get home until around 8. A stat c-section and an appendectomy (same patient) kept him a little later than he thought he'd be. He did bring home some beautiful tulips for me. I think we're doing lunch out tomorrow to compensate for lack of time today.


Brian said...

I'm thinking that lunch out seems like a great idea! Where is he taking you?

Thumper said...

Mike was in the same boat as Brian...he was at work until 8, didn't get home until almost 9, and has to be back there at 6:30 tomorrow--but he might get off early. I think I might take him out to dinner :)

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