Saturday, February 12, 2005

Heat wave

Or what passes for one in February... Yesterday the high was around 45 degrees, so I wound up on a zoo outing with another friend and her kids (and her mom... one of my favorite people in the world). Had the wind not kicked up, it would have been a great outdoor time, but we made the best of it. We wound up doing mostly indoor exhibits; aquarium, desert dome, nocturnal animal exhibit, and the jungle. We wound up getting into the jungle exhibit just seconds before a big school group entered. We had to hustle to keep from being swallowed up by them. Hmmph! When *I* was in school, we never went on field trips, especially not to the zoo. (Of course the nearest zoo was 2 hours away.)

Came home to find Emily sitting at the computer (where else) with a thermometer nearby. Turns out she was running a bit of a fever. No belt test for her last night (but the head of the school says he will test her when she comes back to class, since this was beyond her control.) Noah was awarded his yellow belt last night. Emily should be giving her yellow belt up for a green when she tests next week.

Today Noah has a basketball game at 3:30. Until then, we'll be doing stuff around here. Hubby wants to try to get the new cellular shades installed in our bedroom and master bath. Other than that, mostly just a little cleaning in the kids' rooms, vacuum the floors... Sounds really exciting, doesn't it??

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