Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Joining the crowd

I finally jumped on the GMail bandwagon today. I couldn't bear MissZoot's lamentations about having too many invites and no one to give them to. I figure it might come in handy to keep blog-related mail separate from my personal email. My favorite thing about it so far??? I can configure it so I can retrieve it with Outlook. Cool beans. So my new address is over at the right, above the Cast of Characters. Or you can find it in my Blogger profile.

Not much else new here. Had a nice lunch out with the hubs (tried a new restaurant... food was just OK, but hey, we were alone). Stopped in at Avenue on the way home and found a new pair of shoes for church (my old dress shoes fell apart a few weeks ago). Emily and Noah went to taekwondo tonight. Emily complains incessantly about hating taekwondo, but she is so good at it... one of the instructors was using her technique as an example to some of the lower ranks. I just wish she had a better attitude about it. Honestly, if we didn't make her do this, she would do nothing other than design webbies for Neopets, play Zoo Tycoon and Sims, and play GameCube. Anyhow, she tested for her green belt tonight and did well. The instructor did not say whether she will be a recommended or decided green belt; I suppose we'll find that out at her next class.

Hasta manana, amigos.


Thumper said...

I'd take Emily's place in TKD if I could...Oh, man, I miss that so much! Not the sparring, but I miss learning new forms. And I mostly miss being thin because of it all ;)

Susie said...

I wish I was good at TKD. I know how you feel about making her do this. My 11 y/o DS has a God-given talent for public speaking. It's astonishing. He keeps making noises about quitting, but I know if he did, he would do nothing but play Jak & Daxter on the PS2 or build bionicals. So, I keep making him go and praying about it . . .

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