Saturday, February 19, 2005

Just a drop in the bucket

You know the saying "When it rains, it pours?" Well, it's not raining, but we had a flood earlier. Just as I was finishing up dinner, my eldest tells me the toilet in the kids' bathroom is overflowing. When I get to the top of the stairs and to the bathroom, there is nearly an inch of water in the floor, from the tub at the far wall to the doorway. I mop up what I can with old towels, then drag the wet/dry vac in and squeegee the floor. Meanwhile she comes to tell me that there is water dripping in the kitchen below. Great balls of fire! What next? Sure enough, the water had run into the light fixture in the kitchen and some was dripping through an invisible hole in the dome. We get that taken care of and try to eat dinner (oh by the way... my husband is at work during all this; another call night) and the Noah tells me there is water dripping from the basement ceiling! The water from the 2nd floor made it down through the walls to a spot in the basement.

Now I am very thankful this happened before the new carpet was installed. But did it have to happen 3 days before the appraiser comes?? And on a call weekend for my husband? Just more things to add to the list of stuff to take care of before we can sell the house.

Hey... any of you family members reading this: You're more than welcome to come help out.

I gotta get to bed. Tomorrow (today) is my ladies' day. After tonight, I think I need it.


Mellie Helen said...

YIKES!!! Here's hoping things dry up for you!!

Thumper said...

Oh no... talk about bad timing. That's not the kind of thing you want happening just as you're getting ready to sell a house. Well, you don't want it any time, but now...

Carrie said...

I totally sympathize! I just noticed that you put a link to my site (Mommy Brain) up on yours - thanks so much -- I will definitely return the favor!

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