Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bargains and other stuff

I love Mary Engelbreit's artwork. I lucked out this evening while at Michael's with my husband. I found a whole slew of ME items for $2 and $3 each!! The $3 item was a magnetic write-on/wipe-off board that came with a pen/eraser, magnetic notepad, and magnets. The $2 items were a stationery set, a fold-out organizer with address book, notepad, and something else that escapes me right now, and a notecard set. I bought several of each; putting them aside for those "just because" kind of gifts. A $6 trip turned into a $36 trip. Thankfully, my husband was most agreeable. (Perhaps that's because he doesn't know how much I spent at the Mary Kay gathering today!)

I did have a good time at the MK thing today. Was able to order some things I need, including a makeup bag to put my things in. Brian has never liked the way my things are all out in full view in the bathroom, even though we have plenty of room for it. And he feels even more strongly that the house will show better if my things aren't sitting out. But I am a visually-oriented person; I like being able to see my things. This makeup bag solves that problem because it is a roll-up bag that, once unrolled, has clear pockets so I can see everything. No digging around for what I am looking for!!

That Michael's trip was made after dinner. We went there to get some batting/foam for our piano bench. The vinyl on it is ripped and doesn't look very nice. I am doing my best Trading Spaces designer impersonation and recovering it. Brian bought me a staple gun earlier today at Home Depot, and all I needed was foam and some material. Bought the foam at Michael's (found out when I got home that it wasn't quite large enough... by about 2-3 inches), then headed across the street to the WalMart Supercenter and found some tapestry-like upholstery fabric for under $5. I cannot wait to get this done. I think it is going to be cool-looking.

Oh, before I forget, Noah finally scored at his basketball game today! It was the last game of the season. What a way to end it, eh? His best friend also got his first score of the season as well. And his mom just happened to be videotaping at the time. What luck!


Mellie Helen said...

I really enjoy Mary Engelbreit's work, too. It is a shame that her art got so overexposed some years back, and now it sometimes feels "tired", even if it's a new piece, only because her style was found everywhere on everything. But I adore her imagination and quirky sense of humor.

Sign me: The Princess of Quite A Lot

MrsRum said...

Post a pic of your foray into recovering the piano bench. I bet it will look great when done.

I like Mary Kay, unfortuately for me I appear to be allergic to the skin care line and break out in a huge purple rash! Last time it took over a week to go away. Now, I just stick to an occasional lipstick or blush.

Jenni said...

I love ME too....just started subscribing to the magazine and started buying the annual calendar a couple of years ago. She occasionally posts pics on her website that you can download as wallpaper, screensavers, etc. Love it!

I think I'm allergic to MK too. But I have a good friend who is a director, so I feel bad not supporting her - oh well. What can you do?!?

Anonymous said...

Yay Noah!


Rory said...

Mary Engelbreit's artwork is so cute! I love looking through them too. She has a cookbook did you know? Nice graphics!

stefani said...

Don't you just love the MK roll up bag? Enjoy it.

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