Wednesday, February 16, 2005

*Insert Catchy Title of Choice Here*

How do people come up with inventive titles for their posts?? I suppose it's easier when one is posting interesting tidbits of information... but when a post is primarily a rundown on the events of the day, coming up with a title isn't an easy task.

I spent the first half of the morning working on that musical transcription I mentioned in a previous post. I didn't like how it looked handwritten, so I searched online for some way to get it notated so I could print it out; I found Noteworthy Composer. I downloaded the demo version and after much trial and error, was able to get both verses of the song notated, saved, and printed. I even saved a midi file of the song so our director could hear it, to be sure I had the notes the way he envisioned them. It was kind of fun, kind of not. Would have been easier had I had a midi interface so I could just play the notes and have them show up. But whatever... it got done.

Then I had lunch with a good friend at McDonald's. Has been ages since I've been to one of those... we only chose that because it has a playplace, and the kids are so busy there that we can talk with few interruptions. From McDonald's, it was on to our Wednesday afternoon bowling. Today was 8-pin No Tap, which means if a person knocked down 8 or more pins on the first ball, it counts as a strike. There were also 3 random frames of "Free Strikes"... Joel wound up with a 155 with all that help. He had a turkey in the 10th frame, thanks to the No Tap provision.

Came home for a short while, then had to head right back out for a 6pm Adult Education committee meeting at church; drove through BK for Emily and to Schlotsky's for the rest of us. I was very disappointed in the pizza I got.... oh well; didn't need to eat it anyhow. Had the meeting, went to class, then back home for a rowsing game of Candyland with Joel and Brian.

Tomorrow is weigh-in and then I must get groceries.

Oh, and before I forget: Hello there family!!! (My big sister outed my blog to the rest of my family: her kids, my mom, and my brother). I think she needs to start one now. Heck, why don't all of you start one???


K said...

I'm not so good at catch phrases either. I love your blog by the way. Content and visually.
How the heck does everyone make them look so original? I just have a lame template from Blogger. I did add a counter but I don't know how to do the rest.

Grace and Peace,

Ben said...

I usually write my entry first and then use a line out of my entry as the title... hopefully I have included a little humor that will make a good title... like your blog...


Jenni said...

Yeah, I agree, titles can be hard.

One of my favorites at Schlotzsky's is the BBQ chicken pizza (hold the onions and jalapenos). Yum.

Great. Now I'm hungry.

Thumper said...

It is not fair to mention Schlotzsky's to someone who LOVEs it and lives nowhere near one. Now I'm all sad and everything :~(

LOL yeah, I'm sure your heart is bleeding for me...

Sheilah said...

I usually don't title mine until it's done. It seems to come easier that way. Although, that might not be the best advice since mine aren't all that catchy :)

Clarissa said...

Would you believe I still don't use MIDI? I just point and click it all in. Maybe one of these days.

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