Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Shorter is better

At the risk of boring you all with another "what-I-did-today" post.... let's just say that I didn't do as much as I wanted to. Brian started prepping and painting the laundry room, so the 2 baskets of laundry I was going to wash today will have to wait for tomorrow. I mostly did some running around (3 oldest to taekwondo from 12-1 and 3 youngest to bowling from 3-4:30). Was able to get some cleaning done in bathrooms and kitchen as well.

The carpet guys showed up late this afternoon and got started on the basement. They were only here 2 hours (we had to leave to go to church) and they got the old carpet/pad removed from the largest section of the basement. They also put down the pad and have the new carpet cut and laid down. I have a feeling tomorrow isn't going to be as long a day as the others were. The stairs won't take as long as the ones on the main level because they don't have to be wrapped.

So the list of stuff to do is slowly getting shorter. We still have to get some smaller boxes to box up books to store, clean out the garage and move stuff to storage, paint the inside of the garage, and touch up a few places outside. I sure hope whoever buys the house appreciates all the work that has gone into it.

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