Thursday, March 10, 2005

On a roll

Good to see blogrolling is back up. That was just a bit scary this morning!

The people who looked at our house Wed. afternoon are coming back tomorrow morning. Plus, we had one couple look at the house this morning (they gave us 30 minutes notice.... they were ready to make an offer on a realtor-listed home when they found out about ours and wanted to see it first.). This couple came back AGAIN this afternoon and by 5 had an offer on the table. It was laughable, though... under appraised value, PLUS they wanted us to throw in our 2-year-old Rainbow play structure (big wood playset with fort, monkey bars, slide, 3 swings, tire swing, rock wall, trapeze bar, and air pogo) in for nothing. We have counter offered and are waiting to see what they say. Other not-so-good thing about their offer: They want to close next month. They are living in TLF (temporary living facility on base) and want out ASAP. I'm not keen on the idea; my husband is willing if they meet our price. I don't know where it will end up. I am hoping the other couple coming back will also make us an offer, one that is more attractive and won't require us to move out before we need to.

Found out today that one of my friends (my Creative Memories consultant) is moving next weekend. She and her husband have been separated (only geographically) since Thanksgiving; she has been here trying to sell their house while he has been in Arkansas at a new job. They have finally had enough of the separation and are listing their house with a realtor so she can take their 3yo and go live with him. I don't blame her. It has been a long winter. I am going to miss her. She is 10 years younger than me, but has so much spiritual wisdom; I've learned a lot from her. Plus, she knows how to make me laugh. Our loss is Arkansas' gain.

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