Monday, March 21, 2005

He's how old??


Noah: I'm going to watch this Lindsay Lohan video (he's surfing Radio Disney on the other computer).

Joel: She's hot!!

Do I need to remind you that Joel is *4*?

Methinks the 13-year-old needs to watch her words when around the younger ones.


Today has been such a do-nothing day. At least not anything productive. Oh, ok... I did make reservations for our flight to CA next month, plus lodging and car rental reservations. But that's about it. Took the kids to MickeyD's so I could have girl-chat with my best friend. Then she took the kids back to her place to hang with her kids. I came home and spent a while looking at California-related stuff (housing, community theater, miscellaneous stuff) here online.

Tomorrow I buckle down. And take the kids with me.


Sheilah said...'s hard when the older one brings home the bad habbits for the younger ones!

Kym said...

lol on the Lindsey comment...

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