Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bright beginnings

I got up this morning and hauled laundry down here to the beautimous laundry room. Brian did a great job on it last night (I didn't see it till this morning... I bailed on him and went to bed while he was still painting; of course, I got up before him, so it all evens out.) There is just something about clean walls. Now, if we can just keep them that way!!

I have the second of 3 loads of laundry going right now. The phone rang earlier and it is a plumber who is on his way to look at a couple of the toilets (they keep running.... you'd think they were preparing for the Boston Marathon. Plus one is leaking around the base; I think the guys who installed the vinyl in that bathroom last week didn't get the seal right when they put the toilet back in).

Just remembered some pictures I took last night... I think I'll get them off the camera and post a couple.

1 comment:

happyandblue2 said...

That is such a cute picture. Does he sleep there often?

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