Wednesday, March 23, 2005

OK, today is the day. I really mean it.

Thanks for all the sympathy and well-wishing yesterday. I think it worked. Only one other incident of spew and it was before 9 a.m. It did affect my day, though. I didn't get all the things done I had planned to, which leaves trying to get it all done before taking the kids to bowling this afternoon. Oh, and with the addition of getting all the kids bathed and showered before we go (although why I bathe them before going into a smoky-smelling bowling alley, I don't understand.... but we have church after that and not enough time for baths and dinner between bowling and church.).

Here's to a day of much greater productivity.


Sheilah said...

Here's to a smooth, productive, peacefully happy day! :)

Mrs. Darling said...

I here ya about these sick kids and not being able to get anything done! Being mom is definitely not all roses. Some days it's just plain stinky!

c1h2a3p4 said...

You are a great example of ICor. 13 love!

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