Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Checking things off

Today was a fairly productive day. I managed to get the boys' bedroom picked up; cleaned out their closet; and straightened up their drawers and their bookcase. I'm still working on the ginormous pile of laundry they had stacked up in the corner. They are sleeping on freshly laundered sheets (ahh, nothing like sheets fresh from the dryer!). I also put together a storage unit that sits over the toilet in our bathroom. (We have one of those bathrooms where the toilet is separate from everything else and I needed a place to put things I didn't want sitting out in the open when people are coming to look at the house.)

Brian was busy as well. He got all the cellular shades installed in our bedroom and bathroom (4 windows), a curtain rod and valance hung over Emily's window, and new towel bars in the kids' bathroom. He also bought mulch and started covering the flowerbeds out front.

The basement was painted today and the carpet installers may be here tomorrow if they finish up early someplace else. Otherwise, it will be Thursday before they come. I just hope they can get it all done in one day if they have to wait till Thursday. I'm beginning to think we won't be putting the sign in the yard on Friday or having that Open House on Sunday.

Emily is trying to revive her blog and bugged her dad into starting one. Guess that makes us a blogging family. Most of the work on Brian's blog so far (except for his starter post) is Emily's handiwork. I think he needs to change his password so she can't mess with it any more.

I suppose that's all the news worth telling.

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