Thursday, March 03, 2005

$300 later...

The kids have a new throne in their bathroom. I was wrong about why the old one was leaking; it was cracked. So now there is a shiny new one. It will be interesting to see how quickly it gets dirty.

Brian finished the landscaping today (mulching, spreading rocks, raking yard). Emily wrote her version of the day on her blog. A 13-year-old's viewpoint is rather different.

I didn't do nearly as much today as needed; I was gone the better part of the day. Before I left, I washed 3 loads of clothes and folded 1. Then I took the boys to get haircuts around 11:30 and afterwards went looking for house slippers for the 3 youngest. Found a pair of ballet house slippers in Halle's size, but other than that, no house slippers for kids at all. The boys wound up picking out some flip flops to wear around the house. Boxed up 4 or 5 boxes of books after I got home, helped pick up leaves and grass in the front yard, then went and bought some groceries at Super Target.

A neighbor down the street stopped by while we were outside raking; she is an Air Force spouse also. She and her husband will be moving the month after us and are getting ready to put their house on the market, too. She brought us a shamrock plant for luck. Wasn't that thoughtful?? So while I was at the store tonight, I bought a Sara Lee Dutch apple pie for her.... to put in the oven before someone comes to look at her house. I have heard from lots of people that good baking smells are a good thing to do when showing your home. (I bought one for us too.)

'Nuff said tonight. I am going to go relax with the kids before bedtime.


Ms Pigsley said...

We tried to sell our house last spring. We bought a Joesph statue from a christian bookstore. You are supposed to bury him and say this prayer and your house is supposed to sell. Didn't work for us. But we are relisting next month.

One trick we tried was setting out a dish of chocholate chip cookies fesh out of the oven. (I used to frozen breakapart ones).

Good luck on selling your house. Sounds like you have really done it up nice. We are just doing painting and landscaping.

Thumper said...

Baking smells are nice. You might not get an offer on the house, but people might ask to stay for dinner :)

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