Saturday, March 19, 2005

It's official!

The "SOLD" sign is now up. The house passed inspection with flying colors. Now all that is left is to make our temporary housing arrangements and schedule the dates for the movers to pack us out of here. Brian has an appointment next Friday morning to get the packing dates set.

So we spent the day at church, taking a 2-hour break to take the kids to see The Incredibles at the dollar theater. We had to clear out of the building for those two hours because there was a wedding using the building during that time. Afterwards, we went to Kobe Steakhouse for Brian's late birthday dinner and to celebrate the sale of the house. My best friend and her husband and kids came along, as well as our minister and his wife. Emily had a friend along as well; her best friend Ali is spending the night tonight. We had a great time, aside from my friend's youngest being a little frightened of the fire at the beginning of the meal. It was a new experience for all of them, and her kids learned that they do like Japanese food (at least the hibachi chicken). My kids have been eating hibachi/teppanyaki for pretty much all their lives, so it is old hat to them.

It has been a long day and I am more ready for bed than I think I ever have been.


tommy said...

Hello. Michele sent me. We have been out of the military and haven't moved in quite some time, I do no miss the moves although they had one unexpected benefit. They helped you clean up the clutter and throw out the useless stuff that accumulates. I have a collection of junk now.

SquareSlant said...

Congrats on selling the house! I just went through that! CA will be a change for you - but change is good sometimes. Good luck on the move and thanks for stopping by.

MommaK said...

We moved back from CA almost 2 years ago and I am still missing it. I hope you love it! Congrats on the sold sign:-)

When my oldest daughter was 2, we were asked to leave a J.Steakhouse due to her hysterics over the flames.

BTW~ Michele sent me~

Kym said...

Congrats on the SOLD sign! What a relief! I am really happy for you that it sold that fast. I hope your temp. housing all works out...

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