Sunday, March 20, 2005

Animal House

I was in here earlier IMing with my sister while the youngest 2 children were snacking on Chocolate Lucky Charms (sans milk) in the kitchen. Noah informed me with sadistic glee that they were making a mess. Halle and Joel told me not to come in, that they would clean it up. I gave them the chance, but when time was up I was greeted by quite a sight: A good half a box of cereal was scattered all over the kitchen floor. Turns out Joel wanted a food fight... and he got one.

I banished both of them upstairs with orders to get ready for bed. Emily and Noah helped me get the kitchen clean, then I went up and read Joel a couple of stories, turned out the lights and layed down beside him. He was asleep in less than 5 minutes. Halle tried to sleep in my bed, but I told her she lost that privilege by her behavior. I settled her in her room with her books and a flashlight (we need to get her a nightstand and lamp when we get moved). Noah and Emily got the privilege of popping popcorn and watching a movie. Here it is 8:30 at night, 1 kid is asleep, 1 is in bed, and 2 are being cooperative. Life is good.

What will tomorrow bring?


Waterfall said...

Hi, Michelle sent me!

Cattiva said...

Were you waiting for the other shoe to drop? I would have been :)

My kids would have had that stuff cleaned up from the floor - they call the dog and she always scarfs everything up before I catch them all.

Sheilah said...

Ahhh...a feeling of comes around so rarely....enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I try not to think that far ahead ;o)

(Liz @This Full House)

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