Sunday, March 13, 2005

All the news fit to print (at the moment)

Today's news:

1. Hubby did indeed make the front cover of Parade today. He is right next to Lindsay Lohan. I told him to enjoy it; it's probably as close as he's ever gettin' to her! He is also on the front page of the local paper and is featured in a short article on page 2. 15 minutes of fame.... of course, on the Parade cover, they referred to him simply as a "registered nurse," which miffed him a bit. I told him they couldn't fit "certified registered nurse anesthetist" on one line, but he countered with the thought that those last 2 words would have fit. I'm not sure why they didn't feel the need to more accurately describe his job title, because there is a big difference in earning between a traditional RN and a CRNA.

2. Last night was our benefit auction for the non-profit adoption agency. Our totals were down this year... many of our regular attendees and good bidders were out of town and not able to be there. But the ones that were there gave it the old college try. Some of our big-ticket items that brought in large bids: a queen/king denim quilt made by a group of ladies from church brought in nearly $500; a homemade chicken fried steak dinner for 8 went for around $300 (this is a popular item every year); and 2 season tickets to a local college basketball team's games garnered a little over $300. Much appreciation to everyone who bid.

Now, time for me to get the kids ready for church. It's another all-day Sunday. Just have to hold out till Easter and we'll be done!


Carrie said...

I saw the cover -- I'll have to go look again, cause I assumed the military guy was your hubby. Your home page says living the military life - I'm confused! Or are you the one in the armed forces? Anyway, I'll go look again so I can see which one he is! Have a great Sunday.

notyourtypicalsouthernbelle said...

Just here via Michele's Meet & Greet!

Thumper said...

First thing Mike said to me when I got up this morning--"He's on the cover, but they identified him as an RN, not a CRNA."

We both thought that in terms of accuracy, they should have printed CRNA, or even Major, USAF. But it was still cool to see him on the cover!

Jen said...

Congrats on having a "famous" hubby. Had I not known that he was a CRNA I would have thought that the numbers had been altered. I know a few DON's here in So. CA and they don't make that kind of money!

becky c. said...

The Days of Elijah bridge you want is from Jerome William's recording. He has a web site if you are interested.
Enjoy. His CD's are great.

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