Sunday, December 04, 2005

Musical memories

Many of the memories I carry around in my head have music associated with them in some way. Christmas memories are no different. I've been totally digging this XM station I found this past week. It plays "traditional" Christmas music, the stuff I grew up hearing as a child. Johnny Mathis, Ray Conniff, Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Perry Como..... you get the picture. You can't imagine the peaceful feeling I get hearing these old songs. And believe me, I can use all the peace I can get! Christmas sure does change as one gets older.... I kinda miss the days when it was just a special time of year in which everyone was nice to everybody else and you might find a couple of hoped-for surprises under the tree. Now it just seems to be a time when the kids are waiting to see their wishlists fulfilled.


On a totally unrelated note: have I ever said how much I dislike my DSL connection and wireless router??? I don't know which is to blame for all the troubles we've had with our IP address resetting and the router ceasing to function, but I've about had it. Thankfully it is MY computer that has the DSL modem by it, so I have my access to the internet protected, but that just means until we get things fixed around here (the Linksys guy says we can replace our router since we only bought it this past spring... but we have to find the receipt first. Ack. I don't think that's happening), I'll have to share. Methinks we'll have to spring for the new router ourselves, if at all.

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Busy Mom said...

Great minds must think alike!

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