Saturday, December 31, 2005

Insert favorite rainy day quote here

Yup, it's raining here. Rained all day yesterday and is still raining. Our backyard is waterlogged and the patio has standing water from about 4 feet out the back door, all the way out into the yard. Glad we don't own this house.

Brian has already written about our day yesterday, so I'm not going to repeat it. I will say I was not impressed with Benihana and am missing our old haunt in Omaha, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. We'll have to keep looking for good hibachi/teppanyaki here, I guess. And as far as my impression of The Ringer, it was mildly entertaining. Not worth a full-price admission, probably worth a rental.

The boys get to brave the rain for today's Raiders/Giants game in Oakland. According to the forecast at Weather Underground, the rain may stop before or at least during the game. So maybe they won't get soaked. They're taking along our Mickey ponchos from one of our long-ago Disney World trips, just in case. That's about as close as we come to having rain gear in this house.

Not sure what the girls and I will do for fun this afternoon. We'll come up with something.


Jenni said...

I hear that you guys even have the possibility of major flooding....please send some of that rain this way!! We are seriously dry - so much so that there is significant threat of wildfires.

Hope you find things to do indoors!

Lisa said...

nothing but rain rain rain here, too. I hope you are flood free!! Stay safe!

The kids are off to their dads for the holiday, so the rain allows me to stay inside, guilt free, curled up with my book.


Thumper said...

All this rain is eriosuly getting on my nerves...especially when it's pouring so hard it sounds like marbles bouncing off the roof, and I know Mike is driving on the Interstate in it...

I have to admit, I liked The Ringer. Started slow, but I was enjoying it once it got rolling.

honestyrain said...

i am envying your rainy day. sounds so relaxing and cozy.

here via michele's and i'll be back.

craziequeen said...

I want to know what you and the girls did while the boys were at the game :-)

Happy New Year!

here via Michele

Prego said...

I just keep thinking Milli Vanilli, and that's just not right.

Here via michele tonight,

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