Monday, December 26, 2005

The early bird catches the worm

Well, not really worms, but then I'm not a bird, either! I took advantage of my early-morning nature to head to the base exchange for its 8 a.m. post-Christmas opening this morning. I was not unrewarded. I left with 4 new Hallmark ornaments, 2 boxes of Christmas cards for next year (I wish Christmas was next week, so I could send them out now), and 8 rolls of Hallmark Christmas paper. I love the Hallmark wrapping paper... so easy to cut. I also scored 2 more sweet finds:

This Mary Engelbreit Santa

and this Lenox Christmas bell:

It's been a very nice day with the kids. They've been playing with their new things. Joel says his favorite gifts were his Leapster and the Harry Potter Lego set (the Graveyard Duel). I had a great time helping him put the Lego stuff together. I could seriously get hooked on that stuff! Halle's favorites were her Leapster and Easy Bake Oven. Noah liked his Batcave and Batman figures, plus the ESPN Shot Block basketball set. And Emily... well, she said her IHome was "sweet." That's a real compliment coming from her.

Now we need to prepare for Emily and Noah's birthdays (both on Friday). We're still scratching our heads about deciding what we're going to do.


DJG said...

You could start a new tradition and mail your cards next week....that way they would be very special!!

drjimwhite said...

We hope you, Brian, and the kids had a great holiday (Christmas!!). We had a wonderful service Sunday morning. Wish you could have been here to participate/enjoy with us. We leave for Florida on Thursday. Too much fun!! Take care.


Jamie said...

I feel so bad about not having sent out a single Christmas card. Fortunately (?) we only received two cards ourselves so far, so there can't be too many people out there being angry with us right now.

Also, I have sympathy with everybody who needs to find birthday presents for someone around Christmas. My parents' birthdays are both around Christmas and I have trouble enough finding them something nice for Christmas, let alone both of their birthdays. I'm always wrecking my brain.

Came here from Michele.

Philip said...

Ooooh "sweet." High praise indeed. So what are the birthday celebrations going to entail?

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