Wednesday, March 14, 2007

She's got personality

I recently took a personality assessment based upon the DISC Model of Human Behavior. According to this assessment, my "behavioral blend" is that of a Competent Influencing Specialist. Here is the description:

C/I/S's like to do things right, impress others and stabilize situations. They are not aggressive or pushy people. They enjoy large and small crowds. They are good with people and prefer quality. They are sensitive to what others think about them and their work. They need to be more determined and dominant. They can do things well, but are poor at quick decision-making. They are capable of doing great things through people, but they need to be more self-motivated and assertive. They are stimulated by sincere, enthusiastic approval and logical explanations.

My husband says it seems pretty accurate to him. I think I can agree with the assessment as well. The interesting thing about the assessment I took is that it has a Christian basis to it and offers admonitions and challenges for each personality type to focus on... believing that one should grow spiritually to the place in her life where people really wouldn't know her personality type. For the C/I/S type, those admonishments are:

  • Guard against being judgmental
  • Avoid bitterness and resentment
  • God will meet your needs
  • Be thankful for everything
  • Let God's word affect you
  • Whatever you do, do it for God's glory

Obviously, those guidelines are appropriate for everyone, but I can see where these might be areas more challenging for one of the C/I/S personality type.


Indiana Amy said...

What a great way to be given goals to things you should be working on to glorify God.

Take care!

Rick J said...

Verrrry interesting indeed!

Shane Coffman said...

I took the same DISC evaluation recently. My score was C=11, S=8, D=3, I=2.

So, our predominant personality types are similar!

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