Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Live bloggin' AI Top 10

Gwen Stefani, huh? She's a pretty girl; loved how she looked in the video clips with the contestants. The "normal" makeup is much more attractive on her than the over-the-top face she puts on for her videos and concerts. I'm not a fan of her music, so any NoDoubt or Gwen Stefani songs tonight will be new to me. So what's my impression of the top 10 tonight?

Lakisha: Last Dance was an interesting choice for her. I guess it's the first time I've heard her sing something that uptempo. I was glad the camera didn't do too many closeups; I get distracted by her lisp sometimes. She was good, but it probably wasn't one of her best.

Chris Sligh: Why couldn't he keep the beat with Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic? Vocals were fine. He looked like he couldn't really figure out what dance moves to do, though. Just not in his element.

Gina: Oh. My. Word. Now that had to be her best performance yet! I wasn't familiar with the song, but she kept my attention and I really enjoyed listening to her. I don't think she'll be leaving this week.

Sanjaya: Forget Hair Idol. Please go home. Didn't know or like the song, hated the hair, and am just tired of him.

Haley: Doggone it, this was almost as bad as the night we couldn't hear her. I love her voice and agree with past comments that she is probably more of a recording artist than a performer. She was fine, but just not super fabulous. We'll have to see how the others do before knowing how much in danger she is. Loved her hair and outfit.

Phil: He was just a little too mild and mellow on Every Breath You Take for me. Very bland.

Melinda: OK, it's Melinda. What am I gonna say.... she sucked? Of course she was great. Love her hair now that she has cut it, and tonight's "flip" looked cute and fun. Didn't care for the pattern of her dress, but the style was great. Didn't know the song, so nothing to compare it to.

Blake: He has such a mellow voice.... very easy to listen to. Did he beat box tonight?? Did I miss it because I was typing?? Another new song for me.

Didn't know the song... hard to understand her, especially in the lower register. Not my favorite performance of hers. She's been my favorite so far, so this disappoints me.

Chris Richardson:
He has that nasal thing going on again. Cute song (again, one I don't know; I'm so out of pop culture. Guess that's why this is the first year I've ever watched AI.). He was a'ight.

Favorite performance of the night: Has to be Gina. I can't think of anything bad to say about it.

Who should leave: We all know the answer. Only if the tweenyboppers' parents hide the phones tonight do we have a chance for that happening.


Jennifer said...

Karen! My sister-in-law was just saying the other day that we had to try In-N-Out burgers when we got to CA...she said they were delicious! She cracked me up, though...she said that you get two choices: single patty or double. That's it. Get your burger and get out. Will have to try it!!! :)
I missed AI last night...too much going on here!!

Lori Ann said...

wtg live blogger!
I agree just go away sanjaya!
I so like Gwen and no doubt so some of the songs that were chosen were okay by the performers.
your right about the police songs, chris s. was so ahead of the beat, you wanted to like it, but it was hard to get into.
I am so tottaly not a fan of Haley, i don't know what it is, just not a fav.
I did like Gina last night, she knocked it out for her.
well i guess we shall see tonight.
are you going to pepperdine? I would love to meet you!

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