Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Air miles

The calendar, she is filling up. Of course, not for me... other than running kids to school, orthodontist, and gymnastics. No, yesterday my beloved sat a few feet away from me at his laptop and read off the schedule of all his flights for the upcoming weeks.

Trip #1: Next week he heads back to St. Louis for 3 days to meet with his siblings and the nursing home people to discuss his mom's care. He'll leave shortly after midnight Monday night and get home after midnight Thursday.

Trip #2: Thankfully, this is a short one. In the middle of April he will have to fly to Vancouver, BC for an evening meeting. He leaves one morning and returns the next.

Trip #3: This is the one that stinks. He is heading to Wichita Falls on April 22 and doesn't return until late evening May 2. During the time he is gone, Emily will leave and return from her choir trip to Chicago and I will miss the quarterly "Coffee and Tea with Mrs. P" hosted by Em's principal. There will probably be at least one orthodontist appointment in there as well, along with the usual gymnastics and piano lessons.

Oh, there will be a trip to San Antonio in June for him probably as well. Another required thing for him. He'd like it if the family could go along (the kids have wanted to see the Alamo for a long time), but who knows if we will have the finances for that. As much fun as it would be, I'd probably feel guilty we weren't somewhere else more important. I guess time will tell whether we sit at home for that trip or not.

So, anyone up for a trip to CA next month?


drjimwhite said...

I'll be there in May. Too bad it doesn't look as if you will be able to make it. JW

Anonymous said...

I'll be at Pepperdine May 1 - 4... does that count?

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